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Lost & Found

What to Do

  • Thoroughly search your property and neighborhood on foot calling your pet’s name. Check under porches, in and under vehicles, in sheds and garages, drainage pipes and any other possible hiding places.
  • Post signs in the area where the pet was lost or found, at local vet offices, animal shelters, veterinarians, groomers, trainers, pet stores, gas stations, restaurants and the pet food aisle of grocery stores. (Ask permission to post the signs and remove them when your pet is found.)
  • Go to all animal shelters to see if your lost pet has been surrendered to or picked up .  Forsyth Humane Society is located at 61 Miller Street in Winston Salem and the Forsyth County Animal Control offices are located at 5570 Sturmer Park Circle. Visit them at least three times a week until your pet has been found. Click here for a map.
  • Place an ad in your local newspaper and/or check the “Found Animal” ads as well. The Winston-Salem Journal will place a “Found Animal” ad at no charge to the finder.
  • If someone responds to your ad, use caution! Do not have the caller come to your home. Suggest meeting in front of your local law enforcement agency. Do not meet the caller alone.
  • Leave items with a familiar scent outside your home. These items can attract your pet who may have become disoriented.
  • The WXII Pets website also provides resources for posting and searching for lost pets.
  • Contact local breed rescue groups – visit our resources page for a full list.
  • WWW.FINDTOTO.COM  is a for-profit mass phone calling/messaging service. The company is able (for a fee) to contact hundreds, even thousands of people in your neighborhood to notify them that you are looking for your pet. Prices start at $85 for 250 calls.


  • Having your pet micro-chipped for identification will greatly increase your chances of having your pet returned to you if lost. Read more about microchipping your pet.
  • Your pet should also always have a colar with identifying information and a phone number.
  • Finally, spaying or neutering your pet will reduce its desire to wander far from home.

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