Forsyth Humane Society

Forsyth Humane Society is a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to enriching our community by promoting the compassionate treatment of cats and dogs. We are committed to: placing cats and dogs into loving homes; advancing community understanding of the benefits of animal companionship; providing needed resources to the pet community; supporting a no-kill adoption center and the spaying/neutering of dogs and cats.

Court Ordered Community Service

Community service hours that are either court appointed or lawyer recommended may be fulfilled at Forsyth Humane Society. This program has certain stipulations and requirements; not all offenders are accepted. 

To be considered for the community service program at FHS please have your lawyer or the court system email the following information on official letterhead:

  1. Offender’s full name
  2. Offender’s date of birth
  3. Offender’s phone number
  4. Offender’s email address
  5. Total # hours required
  6. Deadline for hours to be completed
  7. Official charge(s)
  8. Which court system (county/state)

Please have your lawyer or the court system email the above mentioned documentation to The Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with the offender directly. Please allow 2-3 days for a response.